Learn How to Make Great Tasting Coffee 

By the end of this barista training course, you should be able to add value to your employability ... or ... earn extra income.

About this course

This is a general course without any entry qualification required. Created for baristas and anyone wanting to know how to make great tasting coffee using espresso coffee equipment.

This course is not about theory. It's practical, logical and it's guaranteed to work when applied. Everything taught is tested and proven in the real world - it works! 

This course gives you easy steps to follow at your own pace ... using live video demonstrations with transcripts, to teach you how to ...

  • identify the coffee machine and coffee bean grinder components.
  • make great tasting espressos.
  • froth milk correctly.
  • do latte art designs for presentation.
  • clean espresso coffee equipment.
  • identify, then solve issues arising during your shift.


  • you get access -24/7 - on any device.
  • immediate access to the entire course.
  • you can begin whenever you're ready, and you can go through the lessons at whatever pace suits you best.
  • you'll have questions answered by YO Coffeetech directly. 

National Health and Safety Compliance

You need to work within all the health and safety regulations governing the servicing and maintenance of coffee machines in your country.

Course Content

  • coffee machine components.
  • coffee bean grinder components.
  • making espresso coffee.
  • espresso choices.
  • frothing milk correctly for cappuccinos.
  • making latte art for cappuccinos.
  • cleaning coffee machine equipment.
  • checking for problems during your shift.
Wega Coffee Machine
Coffee Bean Grinder
Frothing Milk

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