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How do I check if the heating element has power ?

The element - one side is connected to neutral and one side is power.
So, one wire comes from the main switch from the power side and the other side must pick up neutral on the input side.
Using your voltage meter, see if there's power in the circuit. One of the leads from the element must have power.

Make sure that the pressure stat switch has continuity i.e. it must be making contact so power can pass through. Normally, this is the power side.

As the machine is cold, the pressure stat must be in position to switch on the element i.e. the power circuit. This pressure stat is in the circuit to switch the main solid state switch on and off.

Make sure the switch is not stuck on or off. You can only test if the pressure switch is working when the steam builds up.

Can this SSR also be used ?

Yes. They used to come out as standard method of switching, provided they can be kept cool they work well.
Just check what amperage you're going to install - should be 25amps and the correct voltage it should work.

When I press the 1st group and after the shot is completed, the 2nd group head will start to have water coming from the group head. What might be the problem here?

Your problem could be based on the pump and solenoid not switching off after the shot. Check to see if there's power to the second solenoid during or after the shot being poured. Also, check to see the pump cuts out completely after the shot is poured. If you use the second group, does the first group leak?

Also, check for bare wires touching.

If the pump doesn't switch off immediately after the shot or the solenoid leaks, then it could be a PC board problem because the power is leaking from one circuit to the next.

Group head keeps dripping water


The seal in the solenoid valve is leaking or the spring in the solenoid valve is broken.


BTW the Expobar that has water leakage was due to a broken spring at the plunger. Thank you.

Pressure cannot go up to 9 bar for Expobar Leva 1 group

Is your machine connected to plumbing with a minimum pressure of 2 Bar or a reservoir?
Also check if you have an inline filter, if it’s not blocked ie free flowing and adequate supply for the machine.
Also check there are no kinks or other damage to the flexible pipe to the pump.
If everything is free flowing and you’ve made the adjustment, it sounds like you need a new pump.

Expobar New Elegance cannot heat up

As there doesn’t seem to be a problem with the group head solenoids, there could be a problem in the control box.
Check for fuses in the control box and also the transformer in the control box (if it has one).
The boiler could be controlled from the control box, so check you’re getting full voltage at the element.

Expobar New Elegance 2 group problems


– it can be switched on
– 1st group head the button cannot work (no light and no water flow at all) no movement.
– 2nd group head, the button can press and water flow is room temperature.
– But the machine is not heating up

What might be the problem here ?


Is there a solid state main switch? If yes, test the output of this switch.
This may be your boiler not heating problem.


There’s a solid state relay. I tested both with a multimeter With the switch turned on.
One side shown 230V AC
Other side shown 0V DC

So could it be the solid state relay faulty ?


This could be the problem because it seems half your machine is getting power and the other half, not.
Try replacing it with a spare solid state relay (if you have one).

Expobar Ellen 2 Group


Whenever I start to brew, the machine keep shutting down.
What might be the cause of it ?
What might be the problem here ?


Check your delivery solenoid on your group head.

Convert 3 phase to single phase of MAHLKONIG VTA6S


Is it easy to convert 3 phase grinder to single phase ?
As we only have single phase supply here on my side.


3 phase grinder motors are wired differently to single phase. To establish which windings are being used it’s better to consult with your local electrician.